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We are a dedicated power trio of passionate old-time gamers committed to realizing our childhood aspirations: crafting challenging and entertaining point-and-click adventure games.

We draw inspiration from the '90s golden age , when stories and puzzles were the cornerstones of entertainment, and the adventure genre was (as strange as it may sound today) pushing the limits of game technology.

We work in our spare time, learning as we go and doing our best to create funny, engaging games full of memorable characters, intriguing stories and challenging puzzles.

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Powers in the basement

Help Will find his metal t-shirt in this free pixel art, classics-inspired, comedy point-and-click adventure for all ages.

Available in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Brazilian Pt
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Illiterate Code Games

Illiterate Code Games is a collective of three developers and game designers based in Italy.

We love making stuff and we hope you'll enjoy playing our games as much as we had fun creating them.

If you need to contact us, you can write to info(at)illiteratecode.games or join our Discord Community.

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